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Beermat drawings.

On our way to the pub, Adam and I got distracted by the sounds of a Deep Purple cover coming from another pub, so we went in. And while we were there, we drew on beermats. I love drawing on beermats:

Drawings on beermats: Me, Adam, some singer.

Clockwise from bottom left: Me drawn by Adam; Lantern and Santa hat found in the bar and drawn by me; Adam drawn by me; and the singer from the cover band in the pub, as drawn by me.

That band was actually led by Moti, a well-known street musician in Groningen. I was surprised to see him play indoors and with a band as he usually plays on his own as a one-man band. His grey locks and Zappa moustache were unmistakable. He was accompanied by a rather good guitarist who was probably around fourteen. Almost certainly the old guy's son, as there was a definite resemblance. Also, the kid wore two Stars of David on his neck - I'd never seen Judaic bling before but since Moti's from Israel, it kind of makes sense for his kid to wear it. Moti really is that skinny, by the way. He's fun to watch as he always looks like he's having fun singing and playing.


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