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Bleg: Trying to get wireless to work on the iBook, but failing miserably

I have bought a wireless router to set up a home network. I was a bit wary of setting it up on the linux box, so I tried a dummy configuration on the iBook first. As it turns out, this was a time-consuming mistake, so I finally went ahead and hooked the router up to my trusty old Ubuntu desktop, which responded by working almost immediately. However, several hours and quite a bit of hairpulling later, I am still unable to get a wireless connection on the iBook; I get a password prompt, but after filling in my password, I get the utterly unhelpful error message "an error has occurred trying to connect to the network".

I have googled for this, so now I know that the problem is a very common one, and also that this solution, remove the password you changed from your Keychain, doesn't work, and that this and similar threads do not inspire confidence in the Mac community's ability to resolve the problem - not that I blame the community, mind. With an error message like that, the cause could be any of a thousand things. Computing for the rest of us, my foot.

My iBook is a 2005 G4 PPC Mac running Tiger, OS 10.4.11 to be precise. The router is a Netgear WGR614 v7, recommended by the store for being easy to configure and OS-independent, not that most of the others wouldn't have been. Is there any way at all I can get the two devices to listen to one another? Please send answers to reinder.dijkhuis@gmail.com, if you have them


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