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Why the Muslim hordes aren't going to overrun us, and other stuff

From a very link-rich post at A Fistful of Euros focused on telling us who the people are that make such dire predictions of European demographic collapse and where there funding comes from, comes this long post from 2004 clarifying some demographic trends among muslim immigrant communities in France, particularly that the fertility rates in these communities are falling and will fall further. I argued the same point privately a couple of days ago but didn't have a source ready.

The AFOE article itself collects several links to articles that are too long to read in the time I have between breakfast and work, so I'll just quote a bit from it links and all:

The Nation’s Kathryn Joyce takes a look at the politics of Eurabia; nobody should be surprised that it’s pretty ugly. Essentially, there’s a gaggle of thinktanks/campaign groups/whatever closely connected to the Mormons and Senator Sam Brownback, and specifically to their extreme “quiverfull” wing, which advocates having absurdly (8+ kids) large families. It looks a lot like an effort both to find a new market for their politics in central Europe (Kazcynski’s Poland was Target One) and also to gin up a foreign-policy scare that would energise their base in support of Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign. Well, that went well.

It’s also amusing that Joyce describes their view of Poland as “the anti-Sweden”. I don’t know to what extent this is a true misrepresentation, but it’s worth pointing out that they’ve placed their strategic bridgehead on the wrong side of the Baltic. It’s as if the Normandy landings had taken place somewhere on the coast of Portugal or Ireland. In yet another cracking DM post, this time by “AFOE Principal Investigator” Edward Hugh, we learn that Sweden is the last place in Europe that needs to worry. Well, except for France. Poland, on the other hand, is solidly in their problem group of countries with very low total-fertility rates [...] France? Sweden? You can almost hear the authoritarian personalities creak and groan with the cognitive dissonance. Of course, there’s a very good reason why they didn’t go to either France or Sweden, which is that they would have been laughed out of town.

But what especially amuses me is this:

The result is the spread of US culture-war tactics across the globe, from the Czech Republic to Qatar–where right-wing Mormon activist and WCF co-founder Richard Wilkins has found enough common cause with Muslim fundamentalists to build the Doha International Institute for Family Studies and Development.

Doha? As in Qatar? Yes. Unless you’re in the oil or natural gas business, there’s one reason to locate a new institution - especially a profoundly subsidy-dependent one like a thinktank - in Qatar, which is that the sheikh is probably paying for it.

I've read part of the Joyce article so far, and it's a cracking good read. I for one am amused at findind out that the story about wolves recolonising eastern Germany was supposed to scare us. I was all "Yay, wolves! Arrroooo!" when I read that.


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