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Extra catch-up update plus coloured version of page for April 8

Colour version of Page 48 of Feral Aggie's been very busy (and very lovely, but that's a whole 'nother matter). Not only has she done a
Thursday update in colour to catch up with the one-a-week schedule, but she's also gone back and added watercolours to the update for April 8. That one, in which Krakatoa dreamed of running with a pack of wolves, was already one of the best pages in the sequence she's done, but it's even better now, so go have another look at it.

Of course, uploading it to the mirror site at Webcomicsnation accomplished nothing but the breaking of that particular archive page, because Webcomicsnation has been a bit crappy lately. But that's a whole 'nother story.

Meanwhile, I've also been busy with drawing Aggie's American Gothic, in a new style based on pencil greytones. I like using pencils this way a lot and I'll definitely be using that style more often in future projects. It's a little bit faster because I don't have to wait for ink to dry, but it's mostly more expressive than the tight ink lines I've been going for in the past decade or so. I've also done some work on Invasion and on a remaster project for some of the work published onsite in 2001.

Since I have a very large image in this post and have some space to fill next to it so I don't screw up the lay-out of the blog, let me mention that I'm unlikely ever to order anything from Amazon again, but that that's not Amazon's fault. The problem with ordering from Amazon is that their deliveries to the Netherlands are going to ship with TNT, which means that if you work full-time, you will either end up

1) going to the post office on a Saturday morning, if yours happens to be even open on a Saturday morning, to wait in a Soviet-style line to be told that yes, they were supposed to have your package but they can't find it in any of the three different locations within the space they keep packages in; or
2) finding a note saying they've delivered it to your neighbours at a number that doesn't exist. I think I know which address they do mean, and I have no idea who lives there and whether they can be trusted not to open the box. They're not my neighbours unless they live in the same block.

If ever there's one privatised service that needs to be renationalised, stat, it's the mail.


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