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Concluding the art swap, and what happens next

Aggie has already announced it in her newsblog so it's time I did the same. The art swap we've been doing will end in June, and Aggie will return to drawing American Gothic Daily herself. However, she will continue drawing Feral for a little longer. The reasons for that are simple: Aggie is a faster artist than me, she wants to see me write the story towards the end and is willing to twist my arm into writing it, and I want to get back to that other ROCR storyline, Invasion, which I've now scripted to the end. So she'll continue to draw Feral while I write it and work on Invasion (and both of us hold down full-time jobs).

The response to the swap has been interesting. Initially, a lot of AGD fans didn't like my style, but as I evolved towards the pencilled greyscale style, the response became more favourable. That, or the critics abandoned the comic. Meanwhile, response to Aggie's work on ROCR was mostly favourable, but the one commenter who hated it, really hated it.
Today, I took Aggie's coloured wolfpack dream sequence and turned it into a tower ad by shrinking it to the required size, adding a border and a URL, and posted that on a few sites that I thought it would work on through Project Wonderful. It's doing extremely well there, and I think that reflects the appeal of Aggie's art and colouring at its very best. Colour isn't always possible with our schedules, but when she adds it, it works really, really well. Also, tower ads that are simply mini-comics have always done very well for me. I will make some more ads based on her art, and in the light of our plans to stick with her as an artist, she gets full credit on the Webcomicsnation mirror, where I can do that on a per-story basis.


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