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The state of the comics

Here's where the comics are at right now:

Feral: Chugging along nicely. Aggie's switched to larger format paper, and while the update frequency is now down to a shaky once a week, the results do look gorgeous. The fact that Aggie's drawing it is helping me focus on the writing as well. As in doing it, and doing it a bit more thoughtfully and effectively than I have been in the past.

Invasion: Going very slowly. It's literally been progressing at a rate of a few lines a day, or a few bits of Photoshop colouring a day. That's all I have time and energy for after work and going to the gym or the running club to blow off steam after work, which I'm afraid has become very necessary for me to maintain emotional stability. Day jobs suck.
Still, some progress is being made and I've been able to free up some more hours this week than I have in the weeks before. There are some pages of art on my desk and the whole thing is scripted all the way until the end.

I have a new collaboration with Aggie in the brainstorming stage. We now plan to aim at a younger audience - what I have in mind is a present-day science fiction adventure. It's gonna take time to develop, but when we do, it will be very thoroughly thought out.

Crossovers/Spin-offs: I also have a fun crossover planned with another webcartoonist. This will be a standalone story that will be kept separate from the ROCR archives. It's probably best to think of it as more of a spin-off. ROCR itself will never do crossovers again. Seriously. If I want to mix it up with someone else's characters, I will set up a separate series for the purpose.

Remasters: The Drunk Duck mirror has been running for almost a year now, at a rate of one update a day. Lately, it's featured remastered versions of The Faerie and the Earth-Pig at a larger image size of 560 pixels wide. While preparing those, I found two updates that had been missing from the regular archives: the comic for February 13, 2001 and the one for February 28, 2001. Both have been restored to the regular archives, at their remastered size. The entire story will eventually appear on the main site in remastered form.

That's all the news, really. Stuff is moving, but very slowly.


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