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Doe Maar review, addendum

If the rumoured new Doe Maar album actually materialises, I will do a "Countdown to... " on this blog in the days leading up to the release date, like I did with the Kate Bush album Aerial. I'll review all previous albums in order, one a day, including the live albums and the Dub album. I might draw the line at reviewing all the compilations, though.

It's that big a deal to me, and besides, it'll be fun introducing a nationally-famous Dutch group to my international readership and trying to explain why they're a big deal.

In my review, I said that the songs from Klaar didn't have the relevance that the earlier albums had. I've been listening to that album though, and my statement shouldn't be intended to mean that the album is bad. It's very, very good - just not up there with their 1980s material in terms of hitting the nail on the head all the time.


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