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December 5, 2007

Invasion - apologies for the broken archives!

So I just found out that for the few weeks I've been herding readers to a site whose archive pages are badly broken.

Apologies, all. I'll explain the problem and why it will take hours to fix when I have a few minutes, and I'll fix it when I have a few hours. It's not hard to figure out what all the broken pages have in common. In the mean time, you can read a non-broken archive of Invasion on the main site.

Update: The problem's been fixed automatically, which I hadn't expected to be honest. If you don't mind, I won't go into the background of the problem after all.

December 12, 2007

Last new page of the year

Today's comic will be the last new page for 2007. We'll have some extra stuff on the Rogues of Clwyd-Rhan website before Christmas, though: some fan art, some stuff I found on my hard drives that people haven't seen in years, and the White House in Orbit story "Orbital Christmas". And we'll be working on the website setup so it's not so confusing, and I've got a few things in my head that I want to start writing for another artist. So even if it gets a bit quiet in terms of new updates, I'll be keeping busy. I'll be back with regular updates in the new year!

I almost didn't get that last page done in time, because the studio PC gave up the ghost. Suddenly I had to use the Photoshop-under-Wine setup I discussed earlier in a real situation. Apart from the compromised Photoshop functionality, there are some performance issues. I'm still glad I got Photoshop set up here, because the performance issues were nothing compared to those I had with GIMP on my current system. It's odd how a five-year-old release of a program that isn't even supposed to run on linux beats one that was pretty much made for it in both features and performance. And by 'odd' I mean 'a bit of an embarrassment for the linux/GIMP/open source communities.

Even without the broken PC, this would have been the start of a break to rebuild my buffer, slowly. I just can't crank those pages out while holding down a demanding day job. I'm doing some smaller things right now, though - things I can do more quickly and that fit on my home scanner. More on those later.

December 14, 2007

Three things

Feast Wallpapers
CameoComic page 180, art by Reinder

1: Someone asked, so I made some wallpapers based on Wednesday's page for Invasion, which was the last new comic I'll be putting on the site this year. For the first time, I've made some widescreen wallpapers as well.

2: Over at CameoComic, writer and all around good guy Hogan is still struggling to fill the many gaps that arose when the original artist dropped out, so I drew him another page, the 180th. Drawing these is a lot easier than drawing ROCR, so I'll probably draw him another one just to keep up the practice.

3: Gothia of both American Gothic and substitute duties on CameoComic drew me this lovely image of Kel in her realistic art style. It's simple, but quite lovely. She's done this before - she can blow most of us out of the water just by doodling on lined paper.

December 17, 2007

One more thing

CameoComic page 185
Another page for CameoComic, the 185th. I like doing these because they're simple so I can keep up my cartooning practice without committing to large full-colour page workloads. This one was done over the course of a day which I spent most of feeling half asleep and a bit sick, and probably took more time in terms of real work done on it than you can tell from the end result. It happens, and you have to know how you perform when you're not at your best

December 20, 2007

African fractals in buildings, braids,games and code

Fantastic talk by ethno-mathematician Ron Eglash on fractal mathematics underlying African village architecture, games, and ritual.There's a fascinating bit of computing history in it towards the end as well. Sixteen minutes, but worth the time.

December 25, 2007

[Adam Cuerden] Hogfather Sketches

Sketches from our group viewing of Hogfather while I was in Groningen. More under the fold.

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Beermat drawings.

On our way to the pub, Adam and I got distracted by the sounds of a Deep Purple cover coming from another pub, so we went in. And while we were there, we drew on beermats. I love drawing on beermats:

Drawings on beermats: Me, Adam, some singer.

Clockwise from bottom left: Me drawn by Adam; Lantern and Santa hat found in the bar and drawn by me; Adam drawn by me; and the singer from the cover band in the pub, as drawn by me.

That band was actually led by Moti, a well-known street musician in Groningen. I was surprised to see him play indoors and with a band as he usually plays on his own as a one-man band. His grey locks and Zappa moustache were unmistakable. He was accompanied by a rather good guitarist who was probably around fourteen. Almost certainly the old guy's son, as there was a definite resemblance. Also, the kid wore two Stars of David on his neck - I'd never seen Judaic bling before but since Moti's from Israel, it kind of makes sense for his kid to wear it. Moti really is that skinny, by the way. He's fun to watch as he always looks like he's having fun singing and playing.

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