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February 23, 2007


I've been a bit sick this week, but I didn't let that stop me from going to the regular Gr'nn sketch meeting at Erik Wielaert's place.
Here's what I did:

First, I made some large sketches of panels I was going to draw this weekend, just to get a better feel for them. Normally, I only thumbnail them, so this was a new approach:
Do you travel through time in a blue box?
I used a 5B pencil throughout the session, by the way, which definitely encouraged me to work large.
Eventually I tired of doing work that was strictly for the comic, and started doing more random things:
A naked chick with a big butt. No deep thoughts here...
... the more I see Calvin draw his emaciated, Manara-inspired nymphettes, the more I get the urge to draw big-arsed girls. Funny how that works. The Alpha and Omega signs on her cheeks were the result of some free-association process the memories of which have since evaporated in a haze of beer. Some minor corrections after scanning, because there were a bunch of confusing lines in the arm and face.

Gnomian physicist
A quick study for a Gnomian physisist for a future weekend update.

Erik is an insanely accomplished artist whose skills I envy quite a lot. What I envy most, I think, is his ability to draw creatures so they are lively, individual and imaginative. Not to mention cute. He's worked hard to develop that ability, and so should I. Other people at the session suggested the horns that can be seen in a vague outline, but I think this cutie works fine without horns.

While I'm at it, let me plug 101 Projects for Artists and Illustrators, which I found via, er, someone.


As Reinder already said we've been sketching @ Wielaert's. And...I didn't draw any naked ladies, I'm so proud of myself. Well to show some sketches:

Nothing to say about her actually, just a girl on a snowboard.

This one is an old friend of mine, I usually see him when I'm about to die in one of my dreams. He's my personal grim reaper I think. It's really a mystery who the puppeteer is or shall be.

These two kids are a sort of study for a children's book I'm working on at the moment

Well that's it for now...

February 24, 2007

More little monsters

I've been sick, bored and generally crawling up the walls in between coughing fits, at least at those times of the day when I was out of bed. At least in the evening, I found the energy to draw some more monsters in my sketchbook.

Gren and Bob
Gren and Bob from Yet Another Fantasy Gamer Comic. Unlike the other two, this one has had quite a lot of post-production done to it in GIMP. It's difficult to work with GIMP if you haven't done any serious work with it in such a long time as I have, but the bigger problem was that I don't have a tablet at home here - all I have here is an optical mouse with the habit of darting to the edges of the screen for no good reason at all. Luckily I found that feathering the selection tools allowed me to preserve the pencil texture while correcting this drawing.

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December 25, 2007

Beermat drawings.

On our way to the pub, Adam and I got distracted by the sounds of a Deep Purple cover coming from another pub, so we went in. And while we were there, we drew on beermats. I love drawing on beermats:

Drawings on beermats: Me, Adam, some singer.

Clockwise from bottom left: Me drawn by Adam; Lantern and Santa hat found in the bar and drawn by me; Adam drawn by me; and the singer from the cover band in the pub, as drawn by me.

That band was actually led by Moti, a well-known street musician in Groningen. I was surprised to see him play indoors and with a band as he usually plays on his own as a one-man band. His grey locks and Zappa moustache were unmistakable. He was accompanied by a rather good guitarist who was probably around fourteen. Almost certainly the old guy's son, as there was a definite resemblance. Also, the kid wore two Stars of David on his neck - I'd never seen Judaic bling before but since Moti's from Israel, it kind of makes sense for his kid to wear it. Moti really is that skinny, by the way. He's fun to watch as he always looks like he's having fun singing and playing.

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