May 20, 2005


I started drawing the X!Gloop comics in late 1989, on a Tuesday, listening to a music station and inspired by Moebius's Airtight Garage. After a few months, I had enough material to put together a photocopied booklet, which a couple of dozen people bought.

Although the comics were often crudely drawn and didn't make a great deal of sense, I am still very fond of them. The person who made them was clearly a very disturbed young man, but entertainingly so.

My plans for my other comic, Rogues of Clwyd-Rhan, include the online publication of storylines made for print between 1992 and 1996. These can't really be made legible at a resolution of less than 800 pixels wide. To prepare for that, I am using the old X!Gloop comics as material to test suitable website designs on. If it looks strange, I can always argue that X!Gloop comics are supposed to look strange.

And at the end of the process, another large piece of my body of work will be available online. It's win-win!

Posted by rocr at 02:45 PM